Our Values

We always put our clients’ interests first

We strive to provide the highest-value service and outcome for our clients, our partners, and ourselves. And to do this well, we are guided by four values that, taken together, enable us to Do The Right Thing.  This is how we define Education, Consultation, Responsiveness, and Respect.

Informing and guiding so that you, our client, have a full understanding of the topics and choices under review.

Bringing all relevant interests into consideration and conversation to be sure we have a full picture.

Making every effort to reply as promptly as possible and to keep you apprised during processes that take more time.

Listening with empathy in order to learn what you need. Then advise you as we are able and as is practical and feasible for you.

Our Approach

Building relationships allows us to serve you best

First – A Free Consultation
We begin by listening to you to determine your needs and evaluate the time and money that could be saved by outsourcing your HR services.

Second – Research
Using the information from our  initial consultation, we research the available options to determine the best solution for your unique goals and situation. We survey the options, talk to colleagues and affiliates, and take the time to seek out special products and services.

Third – Recommendations
We present to you what we believe are the best options for you, taking time to explain how you will potentially benefit from each choice.

Then – The Right Relationships
When you make your choices, we help you get started to establish relationships that provide the support services you want. Throughout the term of these relationships, we  stay by your side and are available as you need us to help in any way we can.

 Our Team

We are experts who work collaboratively

Denise Merritt – MBS Founder/ CEODenise Merritt

Working in the role of Business Consultant for multiple leading PEOs, Denise learned first-hand the art and skills for fitting clients’ business circumstances with the PEO company most suited to their immediate and long-term needs. She began her career in customer service/human resources where she acquired certifications including:

  • Health and Life license
  • PHR (Professional of Human Resources) certification
  • OSHA 501(c) certification for General Industries.

Throughout her career, Denise has been fortunate to work with leaders and mentors who have taken a personal interest in her career advancement. She is currently involved with the NGLCC’s Mentorship Program through which Denise is coached by Toyota’s Supplier Diversity Manager – a rich and rewarding experience. Denise is an active community volunteer, never forgetting the importance of the help she has received from others.

Contact Denise by email at [email protected] or give her a call at (407) 701-3250.

Jessica Meiresonne – chief operating officer

Jessica joined MBS in 2019 to support its rapid growth. She brings over 13 years of customer service and program/process management to the complex world of brokering PEO insurance services. Her experience in various industries including national hospitality, retail, and restaurants provides a foundation for understanding the needs of MBS business clients.

Jessica is a people-person with an innate sense of organization (and humor) and a patient temperament. She has a genuine interest in others, collaborates easily and is an excellent communicator. She is a natural fit with MBS’ culture, values and intention to be a trusted partner to clients.


 ANA NELSON – vice president of sales

Ana Nelson - VP of Sales

Ana is an experienced sales and market development executive who leads MBS’ growth in existing lines of business as well as in developing new partnerships and services. Leveraging her extensive cross-industry experience, Ana plays a key role in helping guide the strategic direction of the company.

As a native speaker of Portuguese who is also fluent in Spanish, Ana represents MBS in local and regional Hispanic chambers of commerce and interest groups. She strengthens MBS’ abilities to connect with and serve the Latinx business communities.

Before joining MBS, Ana had more than a decade of growth and executive leadership accomplishments in entertainment, hospitality, and retail industries.  She has built her career on delighting and exceeding expectations.

With a joyful laugh and a determined focus, Ana exemplifies the MBS spirit of having fun even during the hard times. She is creative, pro-active and passionate about MBS’ commitment to ‘do the right thing.’

Contact Ana by email at [email protected] or give her a call at (407) 319-0533.


Patrice Lynch – Benefits Manager

Patrice bridges the worlds of benefits management, brand marketing and client relations – and brings this blended experience into the MBS team. Patrice leads the MBS benefits line of business.

For more than 25 years, Patrice has demonstrated self-motivated entrepreneurialism as a business owner as well as working in marketing and management leadership in corporate environments.

Patrice began her career in the insurance industry of 40 years ago under the mentorship of her mother, Mary ‘Pat’ Lynch CLU, ChFC, a leading insurance professional in the Central Florida area. Patrice continues this legacy, serving MBS clients with her vast experience and expertise.

Our Community


 What is a PEO?

A Professional Employer Organization, frequently referred to as Employee Leasing, offers a variety of services to help run a business.  By using collective buying power, a PEO may help their clients save money while getting better quality services as well. PEOs can save time by taking over responsibilities of managing certain business functions on behalf of the business.

 Who uses a PEO?

Small to mid-size businesses tend to benefit the most from PEO services although larger companies are growing their use of PEO services. According to NAPEO, the average client of a PEO is a business with 19 worksite employees.  Recent trends show that larger businesses are using PEOs because of their technology solutions and expertise in HR management. PEOs can work with with companies that have over 500 employees by partnering with their internal HR teams. PEOs are used across a wide variety of industries.  Many PEOs have industry specific services.

 How does a PEO work?

A PEO co-employs their clients’ worksite employees through a contractual allocation and sharing of defined employer responsibilities. This allows the PEO to remit wages and withholdings of the worksite employees while reporting, collecting and depositing employment taxes with local, state and federal authorities.  In addition, a PEO can also help their clients obtain collective buying power for other services such as employee benefits, workers compensation and much more.

 Why use a PEO?

PEOs save businesses time by managing some of the responsibilities of the client’s business. PEOs save businesses money by leveraging the collective buying power of all of their client members.  This buying power gives businesses who use PEOs better quality benefits and services than they could otherwise obtain independently.

 Does a business owner give up control of their business?

No. The client of the PEO retains ownership and control over their operations. As co-employers, a PEO and their client have shared responsibilities and liabilities as set forth in their Client Service Agreement (CSA).  Each PEO and client agreement is unique.

 Can a PEO help with Workers Compensation?

Yes, a PEO can help clients obtain Workers Compensation coverage.  This can be especially helpful for companies that have experienced workers comp claims and may be having difficulty getting coverage or feel that they may be paying too much for the required coverage.  Because of collective buying power, a PEO can often save their client’s money for this type of coverage.